A History of the Eaton-Peabody Laboratory

written by those who were there when it happened


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Message from Nelson Kiang               

To all present and former EPLers:

Some years ago I undertook to write a history of the Eaton-Peabody Laboratory and was bogged down by the amount of material which had to be verified.  The 50th+ year celebration gave me some insight as to why I had so much difficulty organizing the work.  The major problem was that I confounded the history of the Laboratory with my personal history.  Instead, the history of the Laboratory is best documented by all those who were a part of it.  Therefore I am asking everyone who has ever been associated with the Laboratory to contribute their stories.  Please send your remembrances and thoughts to this e-mail address:    EPLhistory@meei.harvard.edu

Barbara Kiang will organize the submissions into an unedited electronic version which can be archived at MIT, Harvard, and the Infirmary.  These will form the database for an edited history which will be composed by me and published.  Whatever accomplishments the Laboratory may have achieved were due to the work of all those who have passed through it over the past half century so it is only proper that the roles people played be described by themselves.  From the outset the EPL adopted academic values, so it is valuable to trace the subsequent activities of participants.

    The web site for storing contributions will remain: http://research.meei.harvard.edu/eplhistory/  Anyone will be able to access current versions and submit additions, corrections or comments to the e-mail address above.  To encourage spontaneity and candidness and to provide a framework for stories, I have deposited on the web site some fragments I wrote some time ago in a first draft of a history of EPL (see “The Early History of EPL”).  I will be revising and adding to this version sporadically. Anyone interested will be able to follow my changes as they are made.  The present version concentrates on the parts that only I know and deliberately omits most references to specific people.  This will be remedied after I receive your contributions.  I will then make use of selected items and add my comments in forming a fuller picture.  I also include a list of publications and will eventually comment on the scientific contributions they represent.  Please note omissions or errors.

We need at a minimum the information suggested in the contribution  form.  Once your contribution is on the web site, you may access it (as well as those of others) and add, correct or modify the material by sending revisions to the e-mail address.  All the submissions (including mine) will be available and reading them may trigger memories which will call up additional stories.

I am a member of the History of Science Society and believe this to be a unique project.  The archival unedited material may prove to be useful for future historians of science interested in how science was really done in a laboratory that grew from a handful of people to the present size. 



The Early History of EPL,

     by Nelson Kiang

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List of EPL Publications,

1958 to 2009

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(Some Contribution pages do not yet contain “official” contributions, but are passages written concerning the anniversary occasion.)  Feel free to send additions or revisions of your stories, or comments on the stories of others.

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