DownLoad and Installation


System Requirements:

The EPL 3-D viewer software has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux 9 and Mac OSX (10.4). To run this software, your graphics card must support OpenGL. (Most recently-made graphics cards have OpenGL support.) To display the sections, your graphics card must support texture mapping. The model may appear flickery on certain relatively old graphics cards.

new Improved 3-D Viewer with navigator skull and stereoscopic view for the Temporal Bone and Visible Ear models




Windows (XP):

MacOS X (10.5):

Note: The new Mac version of the 3-D viewer doesn't work on MacOS 10.3 and below.


Installation of the older version:


MacOS X (10.4):

MacOS X (10.3):


Quick Guide to 3-D Surface Viewer


 Download EPL 3DViewer Only:


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